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Our last night as travelmates me and my bro spent back in Inverness again, of course in the BLACK ISLE HOSTEL. After walking around the city center and Inverness Castle we had dinner at Black Isle and went to a sports bar – in anticipation of my next destination we watched Iceland play against Croatia … and dramatically lose. What a shame.

Inverness Castle

To cheer us up we finished the night in an authentic little Pub, sorry I forgot the name, where we listened to three then 4 then 5 musicians from all over the world joining in a great session of original scottish folk music.

Next day it was time to say Goodbye to Jan and share the last sip of whiskey we brought from Benmorach. Thanks for your company, my brother!


As he went to Inverness Airport, I hopped on a bus to Edinburg. Just arrived in time to watch Germany play against South Korea … and dramatically lose as well. Didn’t have that much time left so I sat down in Princess Street Gardens to gaze at the glorious Edinburgh Castle, throning on an old-age volcano.

Finally, it was time to meet my first Couchsurfing Host Ahmet, a most friendly and gentle student at University of Edinburgh. I couldn’t have found a better person to start a long list of CS hosts I will hopefully be able to meet.

Next day, next episode. At Edinburgh Airport I have a plane waiting, to fly the northest I’ve ever been: Reykjavík, Iceland

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