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The Smokey Bay

Is what Reykjavík translates to, and it was named by the first settlers arriving here around 871. I was very surprised how big it is, covering a huge area of land – but don’t get that wrong, there are still only about 120’000 people living in the greater capital area. “We just like our legroom” as Björn (@bjorntheguide) said. He is the first Icelander I had the honor to meet and actually stay at his place for a couple of days. He showed and taught me so much, can’t thank him enough!When you arrive at Downtown Reykjavík it all gets much cosier, smaller oldish houses with pubs, bars and shops everywhere. I had dinner here and a pint there, but it wouldn’t do justice to highlight only those places, because every single bar I walked by looked charming and inviting. Be sure to get the Appy Hour App if you’re on a budget!The harbor is great for a walk and has lots of restaurants too. Make sure you ad least pass by the great concert hall and be amazed by its architecture and magical light reflections. If you’re into history I can highly recommend the Reykjavík Settlement Exhibition. I was lucky enough to be in Reykjavík during the International Organ Summer – so I visited a concert at the Hallgrímskirkja to get blown away by the tremendous sound if the huge organ. It’s really worth it to take your time and just stroll up and down and around downtown, there’s so much to discover behind every corner.

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