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I couldn’t believe my luck but I got invited to join 2 guided tours. The first took me around the southern peninsula:


A half day guided bus tour with stops at some nice villages and stunning places inland and on the coast.

Reconstructed Viking village

Hot spring where Gunnar the ghost is captured

Inbetween eurasian and american tectonic plates

The Golden Circle

A must do for every visitor, by guided tour or on your own with a rental car. It takes almost a full day and brings you to some of the most amazing and most popular (therefore crowded) places in Iceland. Instead of the famous blue lagoon we stopped at the less crowded Seacret Lagoon for a hot bath. Refreshed and relaxed we had lunch at a cozy small cafe and head on to Gullfoss Waterfall. A spectacular site, make sure to take the path down from the parking area to experience all of its power. Then we went to the world famous Geysír – which is currently sleeping but there are other active “sprouting springs” just around it. Last stop of the tour is Þingvellir National Park, a significant place both geological and historical. It lays in a huge continental rift valley covered by a lake, where the eurasian and american plates drift apart. And it was also the meeting place of one of the world’s oldest, and still active, Parlament, the Þingvellir. What a wonderful trip, it deserves its golden name and is highly recommended for every visitor new to Iceland. If you get the chance, take a selfie with an Icelandic horse while your traveling!


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