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Gnocchi with ceps
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Small bitesize mixed potato/flour dumplings, first cooked then fried along with delicious ceps (boletus mushroom), seasoned with garlic and sage, topped with parmesano.

My host Amy in Norway read my blog and felt like taking on the challenge of cooking her favorite dumplings and let me rate them. You made me so happy! After 2 months of dumpling denial – Iceland didn’t provide any, and Norway would only serve Raspeballe on thursdays which I missed – I was so glad to finally taste, and write about, dumplings again.

We’ve been collecting mushrooms in the forest that day which made an excellent addition to that already so tasty dish, prepared with love and skill, and just ooooh so yummy!

Sadly however, for pure pedantic reasons, I have to substract one star for Gnocchi’s not really being a local Norwegian specialty – pure tasty ways it would have gotten 5, maybe even in Italy!

Takk Amy!

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