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Scotland: Inverness

My brother joined me at London Airport to go hiking and driving together through the Scottish Highlands for 10 days. We arrived in Inverness in the early evening and went straight to a great Indian restaurant we knew from our last visit – Rajah. Just around the corner is the Read more…

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Side Mission

Dumplings Worldwide

My side mission is to taste as many international variations as i possibly can of my favourite side dish – THE DUMPLING. I will try to rate them on a star-based scale. To help me being as objective as possible (not very much) I will start with my all-fav: Mehlknödel Read more…

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Saving the World

What may sound as an impossible task is actually quite easy. Every little bit counts and makes the world a better place. My main goal is to travel around the globe while supporting groups and individuals along the way, and in return receive help in accomodation or transportation – not Read more…

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JP Helps At: Traveling the World

Welcome to Jo’s Travel Blog! After years of wishful thinking, months of preparation, weeks of gathering, days of bustle and unlimited ammounts of anticipation I’m almost there. In just a few days I will finally begin my voyage around the globe – and you can travel with me! Visit my blog Read more…

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